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Spruce {313}

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Upamanyu Das 16th June 2015

It is that time of year again. Rains have arrived, and it is this time that I most like to spend in house in the Bombay suburbs.

This is the first time I am publishing a photograph as a wallpaper. And I know I am quite lousy with a camera, but nevertheless give your comments, they are valuable indeed.

In the picture is a Cook pine, more accurately called a Christmas Tree in India. The tree is native to the Cook Island, north-east of Australia in the South Pacific.

This pine was brought into our garden around 2009, and was only a foot tall. Now after 6 years it has almost grown into a staggering 20 foot. It is a wonder and a deep mystery for me, the workings of nature.

P.S. This photograph might have subconsciously been inspired by the series Wayward Pines, I am currently watching.

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